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COOKING WITH CAMERON (February 21, 2015)


Come join us for another exciting and fun cooking class in English with Cameron!
We all had a wonderful time at the first cooking in English event, and are looking forward to cooking with you all again!

Let’s learn to make a “PAVLOVA”!
(Which is a popular dessert, a bit like a merengue, in Australia and New Zealand.)

WHEN: February 21st (Saturday)

TIME: 13:00 ~ 17:00 (1:00pm ~  5:00pm)

PRICE: 2,500円

WHERE: We will meet at BEYOND then walk about 3 minutes to the cooking venue.

NUMBER of PEOPLE: Minimum 5 people; Maximum 15 people

Potato, Leek Soup w/bread
Coffee or Tea

To sign up please either email or call:

Email: english-beyond@live.jp

Call: 042-524-3933

Hope to see you there!



Hi Everyone,

I hope that those of you that came to the Halloween Party had a great time!

Those of you who couldn’t make it; dont worry! Our next event is around the corner! Our CHRISTMAS PARTY!!

As winter approaches and the cold weather starts to really take hold of everything, why not join us for a very warm and cheerful holiday!


Were going to have our usual spread of many kinds of foods, as well as drinks. We will be doing fun Christmas themed games, Christmas story readings, and maybe some caroling too!


We will be doing a YANKEE SWAP as well! So we ask that everyone please bring an unmarked wrapped present that is equal to the value of ¥1,000. Details of the YANKEE SWAP will be emailed later on in both English and Japanese.

If you’re interested in joining the event please either call, email, or sign up on the sheet at beyond.

Please note that we have a 50 person limit for the party. So hurry and sign up so you can reserve your spot!


Where: Beyond International


When: December 23rd (Tuesday) **On the Japanese national holiday**


Time: 17:00 (5:00pm) ~ 21:00 (9:00pm)


Price per person: Adults: ¥2,500 ; Kids ¥1,500

(Price includes all food, drinks and entertainment)


Drinks provided by Beyond will be BEER, WINE, CHAMPANGUE, SODA, WATER, Homemade JUICE (Kristins family recipe ), HOT TEA/COFFEE.




Cooking in English

 WhenOctober 26th  1pm ~ 5pm

WhereMeet at Beyond International 1230 then walk to

Shibazaki gakushukan (3 min)


Cost: 2500 yen (includes lesson fee, cost of ingredients, and a drink)


We’ll be making fresh, handmade pasta with 2 sauces (1 creamy and 1 tomato).  We’ll also make flour tortillas and guacamole (a Mexican dip made from avocado) and a salad.


What we will do:


Learn about the things we need. (ingredients etc.)

Prepare and cook the food.

Time to eat!  While we eat we can talk about the food.

Clean up.






メニューは、パスタ(トマトソースとクリームソースの2種類)麺から作りますと、トルティーヤ(こちらもチップも手作り)and アボガドディップ、








A time where ghosts and goblins come out at night.

When people can become something they’re not.

But most importantly a time when we have ANOTHER PARTY!!

This is my  (Kristin) favorite holiday and I always have a blast celebrating it!
So join in the festivities; dress up in costume, eat, and drink your fill, and die having a good time!



Where: Beyond International


When: October, 31st 2014 (Friday) on HALLOWEEN (Yah!)


Haunting begins: 19:00 (7:00pm) ~ 22:00 (10:00pm)


Price: ¥2,000

(Price includes all food and drinks provided by Beyond)


To sign up please either email or call:

Email: english-beyond@live.jp

Call: 042-524-3933





Entertainment: Games, Scary stories, Trick-or-Treat

Real ghost stories & photos, Tarot readings,

Costume Contest, Prizes, All hallows eve history, etc…





Well it’s that time again… Another PARTY!! The weather is getting better, and the hot days are coming. What a perfect time to have a summer BBQ. Come join the Beyond International staff as we celebrate the summer in good fashion! You’ll have the chance to meet new friends, practice speaking English, eat and drink till you drop! After all nothing is better than good food and nice cold drinks with good company! Feel free to bring along your friends and/or family members. The more the merrier.

WHEN: September 14, 2014
WHERE: Showa Memorial Park (Tachikawa)
TIME: 10:30 ~ 15:00
FEE:       (Includes food, drinks, park fee, and entertainment) 
Adults: ¥2,500  Kids (7~12yrs): ¥1,200 Kids (0~6yrs): ¥500

If you would like to join the event please either email english-beyond@live.jp , call 042-524-3933, or visit Beyond International School. Please let us know how many in your group and the ages for any small children.
The price of each ticket includes all food, drinks, and park entry fee. Beyond International will provide drinks such as, Soda, Juice, Water, and Beer. If you would like wine or any other alcoholic drinks please bring them.

**We are asking for payment before the event takes place, in order to have a smooth entry into the park. PAYMENT must be paid in full before Friday JULY 18th**

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
We are looking foward to having a wonderful time with you all!!

Special COLLEGE Cafe

Thanks to all of you that came to the College Cafe. We had a great time!! We look forward to getting together again real soon! See you all at the next college cafe event.
Until then, keep studying hard!!


Attention all college students:

Beyond International is having a special college cafe on June 21st (Saturday) from 14:00 ~ 16:00.
We have this special English Cafe for college students every once in a while. It’s a great chance to practice English with other students, and people who are the same age!

If you would like to join the event please contact us ASAP so we can reserve your spot.
E-mail: english-beyond@live.jp
Tel: 042-524-3933

We look foward to seeing you! 

WHERE: Beyond International English School and Cafe
WHEN: June 21, 2014 (Saturday)
TIME: 14:00 ~ 16:00

ZUMBA with KRISTIN June 22nd (Sunday)

Let’s shake it ZUMBA style!!!


Join Kristin in dancing to the rhythm of the music while breaking out a sweat! ZUMBA is a great way to get into shape, slim down, and have fun while doing it! If you’re interested in learning ZUMBA please call or email to reserve a space. Space is limited to 5 people. First come first served basis. Kristin is looking forward to rockin’ out with you all!


今大流行のZUMBAをKristinと一緒に楽しく踊りませんか? 運動不足・ストレス解消に最適!どなたでも参加OK!参加ご希望の方はお電話またはメールにてお申込みください。各回5名の予約制とさせていただきます

WHERE: Beyond International School
WHEN: June 22, 2014 (SUNDAY)
TIME:  16:30~18:00
PRICE: 1 Hour Lesson: ¥1,000 OR 
1 Hour + 30 mins talk time ¥1,500 (healthy snack included in price)

Payment is due before class on the day of class.

4月のイベント Cherry Blossom Viewing 


Cherry Blossom Viewing Event!!!

Join the Beyond International staff members as we partake in the old Japanese tradition of Cherry Blossom viewing. Come gather with old friends and meet new ones, while we have fun under the cherry blossom trees. There will be food, drinks, and lots of entertainment.

When: April 6th (Sunday)
Where: Showa Memorial Park, Tachikawa
Time: 11:00~15:00
Fee: (Includes food, drinks, park fee, and entertainment)
Adults ¥2,500
Kids (7~12yrs) ¥1,200
Kids (6~0yrs) ¥500

**Drinks will include: Beer, Soda, and Juice. (If you would like to drink other types of alcoholic drinks, please bring them yourself.)
The price of the ticket to the event includes all food, drinks, and the park entrance fee.We will have entertainment such as, Catch ball/baseball, badminton, ZUMBA, Dodge ball, and much more! Our staff member Kristin will also be doing short palm readings for anyone interested. **

さて、Beyond Internationalでは日本人が皆大好きなお花見の会を企画いたしました。桜の花を見ながらみんなで食べて飲んで、そしてたくさんのエンターテイメントを用意して皆様と楽しい時間を過ごしたいと思います。

日時 4月6日 日曜日  11時~15時
場所 昭和記念公園
会費 大人 2,500円   7歳~12歳1,200円   6歳まで500円

(飲み物はビール、ソーダ、ジュース類を用意していますが、その他のお飲物のご希望は各自でご用意ください。 )・